Fairies and other mystical things

I’ve always identified myself as a fairy.  I know, you are probably thinking, WTF, this chick is out of her mind.  And to that I will answer, proudly.

See, fairies have this light inside of them.  This light is so bright and full of energy that people want to steal it.  They want to put it on their mantle as a keepsake, something to admire, a conquest to be proud of.  But if we (fairies) are contained, we will die, then our light will be there for no one to feel.

Fairies have never liked boxes; too confining, too ridged, too stuffy.  We typically don’t draw within the lines as they they threaten our imagination.  We love people, all kinds.  We want to fill the world with beauty, love, laughter, life, kindness and mystery.  But when someone tries to capture us, to put us in a jar, we become feisty.  We do not like threats to our natural state of being free and full of life.  We will gladly share all of our beauty, love, laughter, kindness, life and mystery, but you cannot have it. It does not belong to you.

Thank you to those who allow me to fly free, this fairy loves you for it.  This fairy is still alive because I have never allowed myself to be put in a jar, though many have tried.  Thank you to my family, who even though they roll their eyes at me from time to time, they know I am a fairy.  And most days of the week, they love me for that.  The other days, well, they get out of my way.

Pre opp visit today, and I’m still damn Fairy.  Full of beauty, love, laughter, life, kindness and mystery.  14 days and counting…

Tell me; are you a fairy too? If you are, shine bright and share your light!  There are many out there who need you.




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